Here is another shot from a portrait session thought I shot back in late August, except for wildflowers shooting Senior images just can’t be beat, I love being able to try unique poses and locations with these great kids.  Seniors love the attention and I try to get as many ideas on what they want as possible they usually know what they want and it tends to always ending being really cool !!

Living in Madison Indiana gives me the wonderful opportunity to use all of the great architecture and old industrial locations that grace this beautiful river town, you can’t beat these great backdrops and the kids love them !!

My usual haunts are all the old alleys that crisscross our community, they give my images that edgy feel that many kids are looking for today, and it doesn’t hurt that I my studio sits right in the middle of all of them !!

So if you are wanting that look for your portraits give me a call and schedule a session and we will get you the cool portraits you have been looking for !!

Thanks for taking a look and as always click on the image for best viewing !!



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  1. BoJo Photo says:

    Very nicely done Bernie!

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