Might not be the wedding but it definitely leads into it, the engagement pics are a intricate part of the wedding package and a great way to get to know your clients a little better before you work with them on their big day.

I usually try to make these as fun as possible so that we can go ahead and get that awkward stage that every client has with their photographer in the beginning, after an hour or two you can find out a whole lot about your clients and what you can expect from them on their wedding day.

The great thing about living here in Madison Indiana is the wonderful backdrops that are at your disposal from this beautiful Historic Community, this image was taken along the the loading bay of the Historic Tack Factory that was built well over a hundred years ago, it makes the perfect spot for the old industrial look that seems to be the rage right now !!

I will be working this wedding in a week and hope to bring you some great shots of the event, thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and as always click on the image for best viewing.



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  1. madryy says:

    Loved the red bricks in the background. ;)

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